2025 Subaru Forester Review, Specs, Info - Stivers Decatur Subaru

2025 Subaru Forester Review, Specs, Info - Stivers Decatur Subaru

* 2024 Subaru Forester shown

Stivers Decatur Subaru - 2025 Subaru Forester Review, Specs, Info - Stivers Decatur Subaru

The long-rumored and -awaited fully designed Forester was recently revealed at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show. We’ve already had Stivers Decatur Subaru customers asking about an early 2025 Subaru Forester review, and while it’s a little premature for that, we can explore what we think are some of the top reasons that you’re going to want to trade in your old Forester and purchase the new one.

1. The bold new appearance is one of the aspects that has fans excited and already asking for a 2025 Subaru Forester review, and we think the more modern and handsome design is going to draw in a lot of customers. The signature boxiness remains intact, but the aerodynamic elements give it a more modern appeal and work to reduce life at highway speeds.

2. The sheet metal for the 2025 Subaru Forester is new as well. It’s 10% stiffer than the sheet metal used during the previous generation. In addition, the inner frame has more welds to achieve superior structural adhesion. One goal here is to deliver greater control. Another is to make the Forester quieter. Toward this end, Subaru has also added more insulation inside and outside the cabin.

3. The engine is more responsive. When the prototype debuted, one of the first talking points to hit the internet was that the inline-four was down two points to 180 horsepower. But that isn’t likely to make a practical difference. What is, however, is the adjustments that Subaru has made to the engine to smooth out the powerband and to reach peak torque at a lower RPM.

4. A hands-free opening tailgate will be standard with every 2025 Forester sold and leased through Stivers Decatur Subaru. Better yet, Subaru has spent a great deal of R&D understanding how people use the tailgate and where it was coming up short. Now, the tailgate will open with just a slight swipe of the foot, and Subaru has added pickup-like tiedown points to the cargo space as well.

5. EyeSight is Subaru’s suite of driver-assistance technologies. It’s standard for the Subaru and expanded for the 2025 model year. Subaru has also made much-requested additions, such as a 360-degree surround-view camera that provides a bird’s-eye view, and a more advanced version of the frontal collision avoidance system that can detect both pedestrians and cyclists.

6. A hybrid is finally coming and while we don’t know exactly when, it’ll be worth the wait. This new setup will add two electric motors to the current conventional gas engine. That’s not only going to increase the horsepower and torque but the overall fuel economy in the process, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the yet-to-be-announced Wilderness Edition is exclusive to the hybrid.

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