Unveiling the 2024 Subaru Solterra trim levels near Duluth GA

Unveiling the 2024 Subaru Solterra trim levels near Duluth GA

Stivers Decatur Subaru - Unveiling the 2024 Subaru Solterra trim levels near Duluth GA

As the automotive industry leaps forward into an era increasingly defined by sustainability and innovation, the 2024 Subaru Solterra emerges as a beacon of eco-conscious design and cutting-edge technology. With its all-electric drivetrain and versatile capabilities, the Solterra sets a new standard for electric vehicles in the SUV segment. Amidst its groundbreaking features, the trim levels – Premium, Limited, and Touring – offer distinct variations to cater to diverse preferences and needs. In this detailed analysis, we delve into the nuances of each trim level, shedding light on their unique offerings and helping prospective buyers make informed decisions.


The Essence of Stivers Decatur Subaru

At Stivers Decatur Subaru, nestled near Duluth, Georgia, the 2024 Subaru Solterra trim levels beckon with their allure. Serving the discerning drivers of Duluth, GA, this dealership stands as a testament to Subaru's commitment to excellence. Step into our Decatur showroom and let our dedicated team provide you with unparalleled service and expertise in all matters related to the Subaru Solterra. Here, the journey towards owning the perfect Solterra begins.


2024 Solterra Premium: Where Affordability Meets Innovation

With a starting price of $44,995*, the 2024 Solterra Premium presents an enticing entry point into the world of electric SUVs. Boasting an impressive range of up to 94 MPGe on the highway and 114 MPGe in the city, this trim level ensures that eco-conscious driving is not only accessible but also efficient. As drivers navigate the streets of Duluth, GA, they can take solace in the fact that the StarDrive zero-emissions all-electric drivetrain propels them forward with minimal impact on the environment.

For those seeking a seamless integration of technology and convenience, the Solterra Premium delivers with its standard Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ functionality. Whether cruising along the scenic roads near Avondale Estates, Georgia, or embarking on a cross-country adventure, drivers can stay connected and entertained with ease. Additionally, the inclusion of EyeSight Driver Assist Technologies ensures peace of mind, offering an extra layer of safety on every journey.

In terms of aesthetics and comfort, the Solterra Premium does not disappoint. While it may lack certain amenities found in higher trim levels, such as the panoramic glass roof with a power sunshade, it compensates with its thoughtful design elements and spacious interior. With fixed cross bar mounting points and roof rails as standard features, adventurers can easily equip their Solterra for outdoor excursions, whether it's kayaking by the Chattahoochee River or hiking in Stone Mountain Park.


Elevating the Experience: 2024 Solterra Limited

Ascending to the 2024 Solterra Limited trim level, priced at $48,495*, drivers are greeted with a heightened sense of luxury and sophistication. Building upon the foundation laid by the Premium trim, the Limited variant elevates the driving experience with an array of premium features and enhancements. As one traverses the streets of Duluth, GA, the allure of the Solterra Limited becomes undeniable.

In terms of performance, Solterra Limited maintains the impressive efficiency of its predecessor, achieving up to 93 MPGe on the highway and 111 MPGe in the city. However, it distinguishes itself with the inclusion of 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels as standard, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and handling prowess of the vehicle. Whether navigating urban streets or tackling off-road terrain near Avondale Estates, Georgia, these wheels ensure a smooth and confident ride.

Inside the cabin, the Solterra Limited exudes refinement and elegance. The standard panoramic View Monitor 360-degree camera system provides drivers with a comprehensive view of their surroundings, enhancing safety and maneuverability in tight spaces. Moreover, the Advanced Park Driver Parking Assistance feature takes the stress out of parallel parking, allowing drivers to glide effortlessly into any spot with ease.


The Epitome of Luxury: 2024 Solterra Touring

At the pinnacle of the Solterra lineup lies the 2024 Solterra Touring, priced at $51,995*. Representing the epitome of luxury and innovation, this trim level redefines the boundaries of what an electric SUV can achieve. As drivers embark on their journeys from Stivers Decatur Subaru, serving Duluth, Georgia, the Solterra Touring stands as a testament to Subaru's unwavering commitment to excellence.

In terms of performance, the Solterra Touring mirrors the capabilities of its predecessors, boasting up to 93 MPGe on the highway and 111 MPGe in the city. However, it distinguishes itself with its unparalleled array of amenities and enhancements, designed to elevate every aspect of the driving experience. From the standard panoramic glass roof with a power sunshade to the sumptuous leather-trimmed upholstery, every detail exudes luxury and sophistication.

On the technological front, the Solterra Touring leaves nothing to be desired. With its standard Harman Kardon premium audio system, drivers and passengers alike can enjoy concert-quality sound as they traverse the roads near Avondale Estates, Georgia. Additionally, the inclusion of a DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System ensures that safety remains a top priority, providing alerts if signs of driver fatigue or distraction are detected.

The 2024 Subaru Solterra trim levels offer a diverse range of options tailored to the unique preferences and needs of drivers near Duluth, GA. From the affordability and efficiency of the Premium trim to the luxury and sophistication of the Touring variant, each trim level presents a compelling proposition for eco-conscious consumers. As patrons explore the offerings at Stivers Decatur Subaru, they can rest assured that they are embarking on a journey toward sustainable mobility without compromising on performance or comfort. Visit us at Stivers Decatur Subaru near Duluth GA. Also serving Peachtree City, Roswell, and Chamblee Georgia.

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